Flywire Payment

Lady Denok Liveaboard - Indonesia

Dear customers,

Lady Denok Liveaboard is exploring ways to provide you with a better payment experience through the use of Flywire, a global payment service provider. Flywire allows you to pay our USD invoices in your own currency, where available, through local and familiar payment methods at foreign exchange rates better than traditional banks.

With a network of bank accounts and partners worldwide, Flywire removes the hassle of wiring funds with expensive fees into an overseas bank account. Instead, you can pay us conveniently in your own currency, either via bank transfers or card options. Trusted by thousands of payers across the world, Flywire is one of the safest, most convenient ways to pay in your local currency.


Flywire Payment

With Flywire, you will be able to:

Pay in your own currency to a local account
Flywire’s global accounts enable you to avoid wiring funds to an overseas bank account that has many hidden fees, tax implications and long delays. Now, you can pay Lady Denok Liveaboard in your own currency with your card or through a domestic bank transfer into Flywire’s local account.

*Lady Denok Liveaboard will pass on a credit card fee of 2-3.7% or a bank transfer fee of USD 5.00 to process payments via Flywire. 


Access favorable foreign exchange rates
Flywire assures that the FX rates provided are better than traditional banks. We offer a best price guarantee for bank transfer payment from any currency.

Receive first-class customer service
Enjoy around the clock, multilingual customer support via phone, chat, and email, if there are any questions along the way!

Our helpdesk also contains some information about Flywire and explanations on the rates that are offered to your customers.


Flywire Payment

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