Forgotten Islands

Dive virgin reefs and search for big fish in Indonesia’s most remote destination

Forgotten Islands Season: April and September – November

Largely unexplored until recently, the Forgotten Islands are a string of tiny islets and atolls stretching around 1000 kilometres from Timor to Papua. The diving in this area of southeast Maluku is remarkably diverse thanks to a mix of untouched reefs, pinnacles and dramatic walls extending into the depths. And the clear waters and backdrop of soft corals, sea fans and sponges make for great underwater photographs. Expect to see everything from rare critters to big hunting fish like giant trevallies, schools of barracuda and hammerhead sharks. If you’re lucky, you might even spot a whale shark or pod of dolphins. Above the water, the wild volcanic islands vary between densely forested peaks and sandy coves inhabited by friendly locals.

Our liveaboard dive tour sets sail from Ambon, taking in the sights of the Banda Islands before sailing further south to the Forgotten Islands.

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