KOmodo National Park

Dive with Manta Rays and get up close to the Komodo Dragons

Komodo Season: May – September

Komodo’s fairytale scenery is as varied as it is photogenic. Rugged volcanic terrain stands aside green-capped hills, craggy coves and idyllic sand shoals. The UNESCO World Heritage Site stretches a total area of 1,733 square kilometres, encompassing three larger islands and 26 tiny islets.

Below the water’s surface, multi-coloured coral gardens teem with life. Manta rays, crocodile fish, blue ribbon eels, reef sharks, giant trevally, barracudas and shimmering schools of rainbow runners are among around 1000 marine animals that live in the park.

There’s plenty to see above the water, too. Komodo’s legendary dragons, measuring up to three metres in length, are the main attraction. A guided trek around Rinca, one of the larger islands, almost guarantees a sighting. Sea eagles, wild deer, monkeys, mountain goats and various species of snake also call the park home.

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