Raja Ampat

Snorkel the world’s most biodiverse reefs and island-hop for days

Raja Ampat Season: December – April

Stretching 40,000 square kilometres, the Raja Ampat Islands lie on the north-west tip of the Bird’s Head Peninsula in Papua, East Indonesia. The marine protected area includes thousands of tiny islets and atolls and is home to a staggering array of fish and coral. Manta rays, black and white-tipped reef sharks, wobbegong sharks, sea turtles, pygmy seahorses, and schools of barracuda and grouper are among the 1,200 species that inhabit the waters here.

Raja Ampat’s scenery is just as impressive above the water. Jurassic-like karst islands jut upwards from turquoise waters and secluded coves are fringed by dense tropical jungle. You can relax on a deserted sand island, swim in a tropical lagoon, or take in the sunset from hilltop viewpoints. Many of these secret spots are only accessible with smaller yachts like The Lady Denok. Parrots, hornbills and the rare endemic bird-of-paradise are among the 250 bird species that inhabit the islands. Just ask if you’d like to organise a bespoke birdwatching tour.

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