Ultimate raja ampat

Cruise Length: 13 Days/12 Nights
Start/End Port: Sorong/Sorong
Total Dives: 39-40 dives
This is a sample itinerary. Schedules are subject to change depending on weather, sea conditions, and unexpected conditions.

Day 1

We will pick you up at Sorong Airport (Dominik Osok Airport) or your hotel. Transfer to harbour Sorong (Nusa Hamina). Depending on time of arrival, check dive will be in Matan island on the way to Misool, otherwise will be at Daram island (Misool).

Day 2 | 4x dives

Daram Islands are the easternmost islands group in Misool area and is part of a 300,000-acre marine conservation area. Here you can see the stunning sea fan forests, gorgonians, and soft corals which are homes for the small marine creatures, such as pygmy seahorses, and many more creatures. Dive in Andiamo, Candy Store, Warna Berwarna, Yiliet kecil.

Day 3 | 4x dives

Warakaraket islandDive in the fabulous dive sites Tank Rock or Nudi R with a vast area of hard and soft coral. In Boo West, Karang Bayangan (Magic Mountain) dive sites you will see abundant fish and coral reef life. Night dive is in Yillet besar.

Day 4 | 4x dives

Early morning we sail to Wayilbatan Island. Diving at Four Kings, Wedding Cake, Barracuda Rock, Wayilbatan Bay (night dive).

Day 5 | 3x dives

Balbulol island. Dive in Pet rock, 3 Rock, and Plateau. In the evening we cross to Central Raja Ampat.

Day 6 | 3x dives

Piaynemo Island. We will dive in the beautiful Melissa Garden and Keruo Channel. In the afternoon, hike up to Piaynemo viewpoint where you can enjoy the spectacular view of the surrounding islands. At night we will dive in Galaxy dive site.

Day 7 | 3x dives

Kawe island. The waters around Kawe are home to a number of outstanding dive sites. We will dive in Eagle Rock 1, Eagle Rock 2, and Black Rock.

Day 8 | 4x dives

Yanggefo island has a number of excellent dive sites in for experienced divers and mostly have strong currents. Here you can see reef sharks, schools of tuna, jacks, barracuda, various reef fishes. Dive sites: Mayhem, Citrus Reef, Barracuda Reef, and Mangrove Ridge (night dive).

Day 9 | 4x dives

Airborek Island (Dampier strait). We will dive at Manta ridge which is known for its strong currents, diver must really follow the directions of the dive guide. Manta Sandy is a cleaning station for mantas and this dive site does not have strong current. Next dive will be in Arborek Reef and night dive will be in Arborek Jetty.

Day 10 | 4x dives

Mansuar island and Kri island (Dampier strait) – 4 dives.Dive sites: Sawendarek, Cape Cri, Yenbuba Reef, Yenbuba jetty (night dive).

Day 11 | 4x dives

Mansuar island and Kri island (Dampier Strait). Here, we can see beautiful and varied coral reefs with schools of sweet lips, barracuda, fussilers, and other marine life creature. Dive sites are Blue Magic, Sardine Reef, Chicken Reef, Mioskon Reef (night dive).

Day 12 | 2x dives

Day 12 Saonek island 2 diveHere we can dive relaxed. There is no current and we can see small marine life creature. Dive sites: Saonek Besar, Saonek Kecil.

Day 13

Departure day, Sorong. After breakfast, we will transfer you to hotel or airport. Thank you for diving with Lady Denok Liveaboard. See you again in the next destinations.

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