South & Central Raja Ampat – 8 Nights

Cruise Length: 9 Days/8Nights
Start/End Port: Sorong
Total Dives: 25
This itinerary may change without further notice due to weather, sea & on-site conditions, and unexpected conditions.

Day 1 | 1x dives

We will pick up you at Sorong Airport (Dominik Osok Airport) or your hotel and take you to the Nusa Hamina harbour.Check in time. Guests will be directed starting from the entrance to follow the health protocol procedures during the trip with Lady Denok Phinisi, continued with a welcome drink and a briefing about the ship and general program by the cruise manager of Lady Denok Phinisi. Depending on time of arrival, check dive will be in Matan island on the way to Misool, otherwise will be at Daram island (Misool). Sailing from Sorong to Misool through Sele Strait will take about 12 hours.

Day 2 | Daram area – 4x dives

The Daram Islands are the easternmost island group in the Misool area and is part of a 300,000- acre marine conservation area . Here you can see the most impressive sea fan forests, gorgonians, and soft corals which are homes for the small marine creatures, such as pygmy seahorses, etc. We will dive at Andiamo, Candy Store, Warna Berwarna dive sites. The currents at Candy Store can be strong, but it provides the perfect places for the marine life.Diving at Andiamo is an amazing experiences, the reef itself is large enough for at least two dives. Here schools of blue and yellow fusiliers feed on the rich abundance of zooplankton. Ribbon weetlips huddle together on the wall. The wall itself is rich with colors and living marine species.

Day 3 | 3x dives

Warakaraket island. We will explore fabulous dive sites like Whale Rock with a vast area of hard and soft coral looks more like aquarium, giant Morays hiding under the hard coral. Here you can see winged pipefish, nudibranch, turtles, white tip reef sharks. In the shallow water, the coral reef is more dense. In Boo West, Karang Bayangan (Magic Mountain) dive sites again you will see abundant fish and coral reef life.The currents at Whale Rock and Karang Bayangan can be strong.

Day 4 | 4x dives

Early morning we sail to Wayilbatan island. Diving at Four Kings, Wedding Cake, Barracuda Rock, Wayilbatan bay (night dive). The currents at Four Kings can be strong. Wedding Cake and Barracuda Rock dive sites are other stunning dive sites in this area which oers spectacular marine diversity.There are also lagoons at Wayilbatan, including the Love Lagoon. The view at the top is worth the hike up!

Day 5 Misool | Balbulol area – 3x dives

Balbulol is a beautiful area with the stunning pyramids-like karsts above the water. In this area we will dive at Pet Rock, 3 Rocks, and Plateau. The currents at Pet Rock can be strong.At night crossing to Central Raja Ampat.

Day 6 | 4x dives

Piaynemo island. At this Western tip of Central Raja Ampat, we will dive at the most famous dive sites in this area: Galaxy, Keruo Channel and Melissa’s Garden, where you will be amazed with the spectacular shallow coral gardens. You can also enjoy the amazing view of tiny islands scattered around Piaynemo from the top of the hill above the Star lagoon.The currents at Keruo Channel can be strong.

Day 7 | 4x dives

West Waigeo. Here you will nd some of the most stunning dive sites: Citrus Ridge, Mayhem, Manggrove Ridge, and Manggrove slope (night dive). Citrus Ridge and Mayhem dive sites always amaze divers with their rich biodiversity. At Mangrove Ridge, beautiful hard and soft corals grow under and among the roots of the mangrove. The currents at Citrus Ridge and Mayhem can be strong.

Day 8 | 2x dives

On the penultimate day of the trip, we will do 2 dives at Sardine Reef and Friwen.

Day 9 | Disembarkation day

After breakfast, we will transfer you to hotel or airport. Thank you for diving with Lady Denok Liveaboard. See you again in the next trips.

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