Raja ampat to ambon – 11 Day/10 nights

Cruise Length: 11 Days/10 Nights
Start/End Port: Sorong/Ambon
Total Dives: 29 dives
This is a sample itinerary. Schedules are subject to change depending on weather, sea conditions, and unexpected conditions.

Day 1 | 1x dive

We will pick you up at Sorong Airport (Dominik Osok Airport) or your hotel. Transfer to harbour Sorong (Nusa Hamina). If possible we will do one check dive on the way to Misool, if not, the check dive will be at Misool.

Day 2 | 4x dives

In Warakaraket island, we will explore fabulous dive sites like Boo Window, Tank Rock, Nudi Rock, and Yilliet Kecil

Day 3 | 4x dives

Early morning we will sail to Pulau Wayil and our first dive will be at the beautiful Neptune Sea Fan where giant sea fans in any size and any colors welcome you. The other dive sites will be Four King, Barracuda or Orange Peel Wayil Bay (night dive).

Day 4 | 3x dives

Early morning we will be at southeast of Warakaraket island and diving at Magic Mountain. Other dive sites will be Boo West and/or Boo East. Overnight we sail to our next destination, Koon Island.

Day 5 | 3x dives

Pulau Koon is a small island located at southeast of Seram island. The island is surrounded by the pristine crystal clear turquoise waters. Diving in Koon island: Yellow Wall, Koon Reef, Koon Ridge. At night we will crossing to Banda Neira.

Day 6 | 3x dives

Diving in Pisang island at Batu Kapal, Tanjung Pulau Pisang. In the afternoon, we visit Fort Belgium in Banda Neira. Night Dive will be at Banda Jetty to see Mandarin fishes.

Day 7 | 3x dives

Cruising to Pulau Ai and dive at this island and Run island. Pulau Ai is an isolated island located to the west of Banda Neira and it offers some top dive sites. Large schools of Giant and Blu-fin Trevally, and Chevron Barracuda hunt in large schools. Hammerhead sharks, Thresher sharks, and Silvertip sharks, are occasionally seen too.

Day 8 | 3x dives

Suanggi island (Banda). We will dive at Suanggi Wall and twice at Suanggi Pinacle. During the night we cruise to Nusa Laut island.

Day 9 | 3x dives

Nusa Laut – This island is located to the east of Ambon, about halfway across the southern coast of Seram island and a popular dive destination due to its diversity of reef fish species and its stunning hard coral seascapes.

Day 10 | 2x dives

Diving at Batu Kapal and Hukurila Cave.

Day 11

Departure day. Check out after breakfast and we will transfer to Airport/hotel in Sorong. Thank you for joining our Raja Ampat to Ambon trip and see you again in the next trip.

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