Maumere-Alor-Forgotten islands

Cruise Length: 12 Days/11 Nights
Start/End Port: Maumere/Saumlaki
Total Dives: 34-35 dives
Schedules are subject to change depending on weather and sea conditions. We are also happy to consider guest preferences. Snorkeling is also an option at many of these sites, just ask the crew for advice.

Day 1

Departure around afternoon after everyone arrives and transfer to the boat. Welcome to Lady Denok. Check dive around Maumere

Day 2

Bacatan Legend, Batu Bacatan, Lamariang Wall, Kampung Lamariang. 4x dives.

Day 3

Alor: Pleasant Surprise, Paradise Point, Kals Dream, The Mini Wall. 4x dives

Day 4

Alor: Babylon, The Arch, The Edge, The Patch. 4x dives

Day 5

Reong: Tanjung Reong, Reong Wall (2x dives). 3x dives

Day 6

Nyata island: Lobster City, Light house (2x dives). 3x dives

Day 7

Terbang Selatan (2x dives), Terbang Utara. 3x dives

Day 8

Nila island: Coconut Ridge (2x dives), Nila Wall, Eagle Rock. 4x dives

Day 9

Nildesperandum: Tanjung Nil Selatan (2x dives), Tanjung Nil East. 3x dives

Day 10

Dawera and Dawelor: Dawera Selatan, Dawera Utara, Dawelor. 3x dives

Day 11

Ngolin island: 2x dives

Day 12

Departure day at Saumlaki. After breakfast, we will transfer you to hotel or airport. Thank you for diving with Lady Denok Liveaboard. See you again in the next destinations.

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